Success Stories

Regional Opportunity Network (RON)

Once known as “the Eagles Forum,” RON organized hundreds of citizens with the vision of making the region one of the most livable in the USA.


Leaders, entrepeneurs, & community organizers

The RON included prominent business leaders, entrepreneurs & community organizers who understood the importance of active participation in the community, economy and political process. (2000-2012)

  • Cultivated broad participation in the American democratic process
  • Developed a forum to educate citizens on issues related to community & economic development
  • Developed an informal mechanism for transparent sharing of information between local, state and federal elected representatives and the citizens they represent
  • Significantly broadened citizens opportunities to support candidates for public office
  • Developed informal support mechanism for candidates who aspired to leadership, a positive climate and regional growth and prosperity
  • Enhanced support for community priority initiatives
  • Local elected officials advanced to state and federal leadership positions: Speaker of Ohio House, Congressional Appropriations and Armed Services SubCommittee Chairs, US Senate Appropriations and Intel Committee and Ohio Attorney General 


Case Studies

Case Study 1

Aerospace and Technology Shovel Ready Site Development

Developed strategic partnerships with developers to create and advanced technology park to capitalize on a growing aerospace, defense and technology industry. (2005-2010)

Building on the success of Mills/Morgan Development Company at the Acropolis, RWCG worked closely with state, federal and local elected leaders to garner over $5 million in public funding for this important economic development priority greatly expanding the footprint of the development

Secured over $10 million of public and private funds to acquire land and accelerate development of the park.

Public funding played a critical role in leveraging the private investment in the project to acquire land, build infrastructure, fund tenant improvements and establish and support organizations that became major tenants of the park. Public funding was key to land acquisition and infrastructure development

Recruited major, anchor tenants to the park.

These major Pentagon/College Park tenants created or retained hundreds of new high value jobs in the region. Some of these tenants included Riverside Research Institute, Sierra Nevada Corporation, The Advanced Technical Intelligence Center, Kettering Health Network/Soin Medical Center, Dayton Regional STEM School, Clark State University, Computer Sciences Corporation now Wright-Patt Credit Union, SAIC/Leidos, Oracle, Qbase, JJR Solutions, etc.

More than 500 new, high wage, high-tech jobs created.

Case Study 2

Statewide Academic and Federal Research Network (2010-2015)

Developed collaborative research initiative which attracted over $150 million in federal and state funding to university and industry partners.

RWCG worked with Wright State University leadership to expand and direct its “use inspired” research strategy which included organization and establishment of a strategic direction of university affiliates Wright State Research Institute (WSRI) and formation of the Wright State Applied Research Corporation (WSARC)

WSU, WSRI, and WSARC combined forces to grow annual research revenue from $1.5 million annually to $25 million annually totalling $150 million in 5 years

RWCG developed a business model on collaborating with the Air Force and industry initially around human performance research and encouraging / motivating Ohio’s universities to organize their research assets around supporting federal mission requirements at Air Force Research Lab and the National Air and Space Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Case Study 3

Health Science Technology Platform (Early Lung Cancer Detection 2006-2008)

Secured $10 million in state research funding for local entrepreneurs developing technologies designed to detect lung cancer at earliest stages of development.

Early detection of lung cancer has been identified in the medical community as the highest priority to increase survivability. Dayton area firm, Riverain Medical, partnered with the Cleveland Clinic and National Institutes of Health to advance research and new product development in this critical health care area.

State funds were utilized to leverage private investment to expand clinical studies and new product development R&D.

Case Study 4

Urban Re-Development – (2016-Present)

Developed strategic partnerships between private financial institutions, local and state officials and private developer to restore blighted downtown area.

The development  is currently underway and will be a mixed-used development with housing, commercial and retail space creating 500 new jobs in Downtown Dayton.

Over $60 million of public and private funds being invested to redevelop blighted historic area in downtown.

Funding for the project is coming from New Market Tax Credits, non-recourse low interest debt, state and federal historic tax credits, private equity, state and local grants and other sources.

Case Study 5

Not For Profit Fundraising (2005-Present)

Over $50 million of public and private sector funding/direct support to charitable organizations and not for profits projects.

Organizations supported include: Dayton Region STEM School, Advanced Technical Intelligence Education Center, Goodwill/Easter Seals, Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services, Kettering Health Network, Nursing Institute of Western Ohio, local churches, Wounded Warriors Foundation, etc.

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