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Ron Wine, the Founder and CEO of Ron Wine Consulting Group is an engaged community entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in business development, government relations and economic development. He and his team of associates have been responsible for delivering exceptional results for their clients and raising over $250 million in public and private capital for a multitude of projects in the Dayton Region, State of Ohio and other states over the past 15 years.

RWCG’s clients represent the Who’s Who of business leaders and not for profit organizations in Dayton, the State of Ohio and other locations around the Country. His company’s reputation is built on Ron Wine’s unique and diverse blend of skills and abilities that make them the “go to firm” to get difficult and challenging projects accomplished across multiple sectors of the economy.

Ron Wine has worked extensively with business executives from both large corporate and smaller entrepreneurial companies. These include service providers, aerospace and defense, health care, real estate development and a variety of technology enterprises. Also, Wine has a long history of working with Air Force and Defense leaders, as well as, years of experience and relationships in Columbus, Ohio and Washington, DC. He has also worked extensively with higher educational leaders, research institutes and STEM organizations. Altogether, RWCG has the knowledge, reach, experience and commitment to generate positive results for their clients. This has earned them the reputation of being who to call when you need someone to “get things done”.

Economic Development

Creating a single point of contact for a region brings synergy to recruiting and retention efforts, as well as unprecedented success.

Research Partnerships

When .GOVs team up with .EDUs and industry, great things can happen. Jobs created, tax bases increase, and perceptions change.

Innovative Funding

Access to capital makes all the difference for the economic engine of your business and in your community. With banking consolidation, new and nontraditional financing sources can make a real impact.

Incubators / Startups

The best way to pull up the rust belt is to create a new pair of suspenders. Encouraging new ventures and empowering them requires strategic direction, and ongoing support.

Our Specialties

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Business Consulting

Development / Fundraising

Market Research

Higher Education

Research Institutes

STEM Organizations


Governmental Relations


Starting your project.

A strategic and hands on approach to business development, financing, project management and government relations.

Having selected, hired and worked with numerous consultants over a 35 year plus career, Ron Wine has developed a unique approach to providing value added services to his clients based on practical experience and measured by tangible results.

For $2,500 up front, RWCG will take on a consulting assignment for 30 days to develop a clear plan and direction for future action. The plan includes a strategic assessment of the company/organization, its competitive advantages/disadvantages, an assessment of the proposed action or problem to be resolved and a detailed plan of action and budget to achieve mutually agreed upon objectives.

From that point, the Client may either utilize the assessment and plan on its own, or continue to contract with RWCG on a monthly or hourly basis for execution and specific services. Standard rates for project execution are $5,000 per month, $250 per hour or $2,000 per day.

In the case of larger projects and those that involve significant revenue generation opportunities or cost savings, a performance based compensation system is commonly used.


RWCG requests a structured background information package. After analyzing your scenario, they put together a guided exploration for your team.

Launch Control

Every project’s success hinges on how well your team communicates the plan and orchestrates the involvement of your stakeholders. We guide you through out the process.


What you launched may need a new direction, operational expertise, or a strategic refocusing. We offer different levels of technical assistance to help you reach your goals.


Often times, it’s not what you do, but how you do it. We bring our experience in to help you build a framework/plan to support your outcomes, often with operational controls built in.

From Our Founder

Your Consultant

Ron Wine was born and raised in Marion, Ohio. Working with business leaders involved in the conservation of the Little Miami led Wine to realize the pivotal role that private sector leaders play in working with diverse groups of people to accomplish meaningful goals.

From the State of Ohio, Ron Wine went to work for the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce in 1985 with encouragement from local business leaders he had come to know through the Little Miami project. At the Chamber, he became involved with a variety of community issues and developed a heartfelt and abiding passion for community service. He relished the opportunity to support business growth, job creation and community development in the Dayton Region.

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